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We all need more time to rest, to connect inward and to de-stress. Feel the power of group practice and take just a few minutes each day to find some calm with our daily meditations led by expert teachers, open to all levels. If you miss a class or cannot join us live, enjoy all of our classes On-Demand and meditate with us Anytime, Anywhere!


Join us for our Introduction to the Fundamentals of Meditation, Mindfulness in the time of COVID, Nature Walks, Mindful Parenting, Boosting Positivity, and much more! Learn how to apply ancient practice to your modern life to find calm, ease and peace.


You cannot achieve success without mental heath and well-being. We offer a variety of Wellness Programs for Corporations, Law Firms and Organizations to help you prioritize wellness and help your workforce manage the challenges of working during a pandemic.

You cannot have success without good health!

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In our busy modern lives, full of distraction and demands on our attention, we all need more room to breathe, to slow down and to unwind.


Ironically, people are more connected than ever before through technology, but feel more isolated and long for authentic connection. At Pause to be Present™, we learn to sit in meditation and connect inward to ourselves and to each other.


Sometimes we need time to just be present, to stop “doing” all the time and instead to sit and listen to the wisdom, the strength and the connection we can feel when we practice simply “being.”