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Pause Co-Founder, Cheryl Brause, is one of the leading experts on Mindfulness in the New York area. With over a decade of experience teaching, writing and presenting on the power of mindfulness, she is an engaging and dynamic speaker offering her deeply-rooted expertise in teaching mindfulness and how to live your life fully in a busy and demanding world.

Cheryl combines her real-world experience on Wall Street as an investment banker, as a corporate litigator in New York City, and as a busy mother of three, to teach how we can integrate mindfulness into our busy lives to live an awakened, calm and joy-filled life.

Her decade-long experience teaching mindfulness, her deep personal mindfulness practice and her warmth help her to provide engaging, dynamic and interactive presentations and trainings.

Cheryl is available to speak at businesses, schools, conferences and retreats in person and online. 

We tailor our presentations to the needs of our clients and offer insightful, engaging and inspirational presentations designed just for you! 

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popular speaking topics include:

  • Mindful Living: How to Lead a Stress-Free, Joy-Filled Life
  • Foundations of  Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Finding Work- Life Balance
  • Building Emotional Resilience 
  • Mindfulness in the time of COVID: Managing the Stressors of Living in a Pandemic
  • Mindfulness for Increased Productive 
  • Mindful Parenting: Meeting the Demands of Parenting and Our Busy Lives To Connect with Your Child
  • Keep Calm & Carry On – Mindfulness for Teens
  • Mindfulness for A Better Night’s Sleep 
  • Mindful Eating – Exploring Your Relationship with Food to Create a Healthier You
  • What’s next?  Dealing with Life Transitions

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