our philosophy

find your calm

We all need more peace and quiet in our lives – less stress and more precious moments to be present and enjoy where we are and who we are with. The good news – you don’t have to radically change your life to find greater balance, better health and more moments of clarity, calm and happiness.

Mindfulness works. It can change your life. Our goal is to share with you ways to be truly present and awake for your life. Meditation was never meant to be learned or practiced alone. At Pause to be Present, we offer you expert teachers with a strong foundation and experience in teaching in a warm, open and supportive online community. We invite you to join us on this journey! You deserve it, your family deserves it and the world deserves to have the real you (the calm, peaceful, joyful one) truly present in it!

our virtual studio

We have created a very special place online just for you – a place to escape the busyness of modern life, a place to reconnect to all that you are! Pause to be Present offers you a space to sit quietly and connect inward and to a beautiful supportive of people who want to be a part of a kinder, more compassionate world right. With expert teachers, programming centered on important topics such as stress reduction,  better sleep, reducing anxiety, and much more, this is your place to just “be.”  Join us for a class online, dive deeply in a workshop, or come and simply sit quietly with us right from the comfort of your own home!

Pause with us anytime, anywhere!

mindful living

Mindfulness is a powerful way to journey through life. It is being able to develop a moment-to-moment awareness of your life experience as it unfolds. It is being aware of your body, your thoughts, and your emotions with an openness and friendly willingness to better understand yourself and the world around you. It’s being present and awake for the joys in each day and experiencing all of life’s challenges without being overwhelmed by them. Mindfulness helps you find physical and mental calm in a very demanding world, so that you can respond with inner wisdom, compassion and insight.  The latest research has also shown that mindfulness not only reduces stress, it literally can change the structure and function of our brains.

the power of community

It has been an isolating time for many. Sitting together with the support of a community can help us feel less alone and connect us to the love and support of others.  We love offering you a virtual space to breathe together and feel the incredible power of group meditation.  Meditation is better together!