discover the four key steps to successfully starting and maintaining a meditation practice

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The hardest part about meditation is actually doing it.

Are you ready to learn how to create the incredibly healthy habit of mindfulness and meditation and feel the transformative power of these practices in your life?

In this free, 12 minute video, you will learn:

  • The four key components of establishing and maintaining a meditation practice with our Co- Founder and lead instructor, Cheryl Brause
  • The potency of combining scientific research on habit formation with the essential intentions of a mindfulness practice
  • The vast health benefits of mindfulness and meditation that come with a consistent practice
  • How to cultivate the proper mindset that will inspire you to practice regularly
  • plus – a FREE guided meditation practice to experience first hand the stress reduction and calming properties that just a few minutes of meditation can have

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“While I have meditated on and off for years, your leadership and group meditations led by your gifted teachers has been way more powerful for me than any single meditation I’ve done alone. What truly speaks to me are the topics you introduce during the first 10 minutes which provides a real connection to what I’m experiencing and the clutter in my mind or heart.”

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“To say that practicing with this community has been helpful is a gross understatement. As I think back, I joined only with the expectation that I knew that meditation would be helpful to me. I had no idea that the power of community meditation even existed – and to watch that awareness grow has been such a rich experience for me.”

~ Lynn S.

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meet the teacher

As one of the leading experts on mindfulness in Westchester, Cheryl has created and led hundreds of programs and taught mindfulness locally and nationally to thousands of adults, teens and children in schools, businesses and privately. Once a corporate litigator and investment banker, Cheryl now uses her decade of personal practice and training to write, speak and teach about the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation. As a busy mother of three, she has expertise in mindful parenting, stress reduction, finding balance and making these ancient practices accessible in our busy, modern lives. Cheryl teaches people from her own personal and relatable experience how everyone can use a few simple tools each day to create a more peaceful, joy-filled, healthier life. She is thrilled to create this incredible space for people to pause and explore the transformative power of meditation.

Cheryl has had extensive training in the fields of meditation and mindfulness. She is a graduate of Mindful Schools Year-Long training, as well as a Mindful Schools Certified Instructor. She is certified in Learning to BREATHE, MBSR for Teens, and Stressed Teens (MBSR-TI and has completed her Level I and Level I Meditation Teacher Training with David Nichtern. Cheryl is a featured expert on the Simple Habit meditation app, which has 2.7 million total signups and an average of 30,000 new users every week, and is a founding teacher for Joumey LIVE, an exciting new live-streaming group meditation app. She is also the Co-Founder of and the creator of 2bpTV, providing free online resources and programs to thousands of people and helping them discover the true gifts of learning how to slow down and connect inward to their inner strengths, stillness and unlimited potential.

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