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Are You Time Traveling?

Are You Time Traveling? You may be doing it all the time – transporting yourself back to the past or thinking about the future.  Remembering the past and imagining the future are what we call mental time travel. Although this may sound exciting in theory, the reality is when we mentally time travel to the past, we often…

Mindfulness of Loss

“Our hearts break, but our hearts also heal. The thread that pulls us from heartbreak to healing is love.” – Judy Lief    I recently lost a dear and beautiful friend – much too soon. The ache in my heart for her family, her friends, and myself is deeply felt. Many think that practicing mindfulness will take away the pain of life….

Mindful Parenting in a Pandemic 

“There are only two lasting bequeaths we can hope to give our children. One of these is roots and the other wings.”  – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe The COVID pandemic has taken a toll on all of us, especially our children. We are now seeing its impact on their mental health. The ongoing stress, fear, grief, and uncertainty they…

Holiday Survival Guide

5 Ways to Cultivate Greater Joy & Ease Over the Holidays   This week kicks off the holiday season, a time of celebration, joy and togetherness. It can also be a time of stress, sadness, and frustration, as old habits, family tensions, and unresolved feelings often arise. Here are some tips for the holidays to…

Spread Kindness

If you can be anything, be kind. 🙏 This Sunday was the New York City Marathon, one of my all-time favorite events to watch. Although I most likely will never run in the marathon (each year I vow to run…you never know?!), I absolutely LOVE watching as thousands of humans run an astonishing 26. 2 miles through the streets of…

Letting Go

“Somehow, in the process of trying to deny that things are always changing, we lose our sense of the sacredness of life. We tend to forget that we are part of the natural scheme of things.” – Pema Chodron Lessons from Silence – Letting Go On the last day of our recent Silent Retreat, we…

How to Un-Frazzle those COVID Nerves

Feeling emotionally raw? You are not alone.   It seems that so many of us are feeling on edge, exhausted, tired of constantly needing to bend with the changing times, always searching for the silver linings. Recently my 16-year-old daughter took her road test to get her driver’s permit and was told that the results…

Make Fear Your Friend

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain   I recently returned from an incredible vacation with my family where…

The Best Mindfulness Quotes that Can Change Your Life

Below are some of my favorite quotes about meditation and mindfulness that can change your life.  “We largely become what we pay attention to.We are building our minds in each moment. We’re building habits and desires and worries and expectations and prejudices and insights. And mindfulness is just the ability to notice this process with clarity and…

Holding Space

Holding Space for Others Sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing at all One of the most beautiful gifts we can give the people we love is to hold space for them. This is a courageous and radical act of love. In our culture, we are not taught how to hold space for others….