Meditation Teacher Training

Level 1 Teacher Training 2021
10-Week Training Program



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Level 2 Teacher Training
8-Week Training Program

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Level 1
About the program

In this unique, in-depth Pause to be Present™ Meditation Teacher Training, you will have the opportunity to explore and deepen your own meditation practice and acquire the knowledge and skillset to teach others how to enjoy the benefits of meditation and mindfulness.

This training is suitable for anyone looking to deepen their own understanding of mindfulness and meditation and share mindfulness it with others.  This training is perfect for:

  • Yoga teachers looking to depeen their understanding of meditation and how to guide others through the practice.
  • Parents and caregivers looking to integrate these holistic practices into their homes, parenting and caregiving.
  • Health care professionals, social workers, psychologists, educators, coaches, and fitness instructors interested in adding meditation to their professional offerings.

Our fundamental belief is that the best teachers are those with deep and authentic personal practice. For that reason, we spend significant time in this training helping you cultivate your own deep personal practice from which you will have an understanding and depth of practice to guide others.

Upon completion of this program, participants will have the option to complete a teaching practicum and receive a teacher certification.

In this program, you will . . .

  • Develop your own unique teaching style through expert led workshops and interactive discussions
  • Learn practical approaches to lead guided and silent meditation
  • Explore many different meditation styles and techniques to broaden your understanding of meditative practices, including concentration, compassion and open awareness practices
  • Understand how to set up for meditation and teach the basic practices to others
  • Gain a conceptual overview of ancient eastern philosophies
  • Explore the basic neuroscience and psychology of meditation
  • Gain an understanding of meditation from the historic, neuroscience, psychological, and experiential perspectives


Included in our program . . .

  • 10 hours of LIVE instruction, all currently being held virtually
  • 1 hour per week of group learning, practice and discussion
  • Weekly readings and assignments to be completed in between sessions
  • One-On-One mentoring sessions to help with individual questions
  • 3-Month Pause Virtual Unlimited Membership to participate in our daily virtual classes
  • Teaching Lab for those interested in certification that enables you to gain experience teaching and leading others in meditation, and receive feedback from peers and teachers in a supportive and friendly environment to help you gain comfort and expertise in teaching.


If you are interested in exploring and deepening your meditation practice and learning new skills, join us for our 2021 Meditation Teacher Training. For more information on upcoming trainings, contact us at

Teacher Certification

To be eligible for teacher certification, participants must

  • Have a regular meditation practice
  • Attend all virtual classes (classes will also be recorded)
  • Complete all outside reading and assignments
  • Commit to a personal daily meditation practice
  • Successfully complete the Teaching Practicum

Level 2 Meditation Teacher Training

8 Weeks – LIVE and Online Training

Weekly Teacher Training Sessions – Learning and Discussions

This Level 2 Teacher Training is for anyone with at least one year of personal meditation practice and completion of Level 1 Pause Meditation Teacher Training OR the permission of the instructor.  In this training we will dive deeper into the concepts of Buddhist Vipassana Meditation, as well as explore ways of guiding others in self-awareness practices such as Inquiry, Interpersonal Mindfulness, Managing Strong Emotions and more. A deep and committed exploration of personal practice is the best way to become an authentic teacher.  We will explore ways to deepen our own personal practices in order to share our experience in guiding others. 


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About the Instructor. . .

Cheryl Vigder Brause

Cheryl is the Co-Founder of Pause to be Present, Westchester’s Premier Meditation Studio and 2bpresent, a website and blog about mindful living.  As one of the leading experts on mindfulness in the New York area, Cheryl has created and led hundreds of programs and taught mindfulness locally and nationally to thousands of adults, teens and children in schools, businesses and privately. Once a corporate litigator and investment banker, Cheryl now uses her decades of personal practice and training to write, speak and teach about the transformative practice of mindfulness meditation. As a busy mother of three, she has expertise in mindful parenting, stress reduction, finding balance and making these ancient practices accessible in our busy, modern lives.

Cheryl has had extensive training in the fields of meditation and mindfulness. She is a featured expert on the Simple Habit, Insight Timer and Journey LIVE meditation apps. She is also the creator of and 2bpTV Meditation Channel on YouTube, where she offers online resources that have helped thousands of people discover the true gifts of learning how to slow down and connect inward to their inner strengths, stillness and unlimited potential.

Cheryl has trained with some of the leading experts in the field of mindfulness and meditation, attended silent retreats and completed many teacher certifications.  Included in her own training are Level 1 and 2 Meditation Teacher Training with David Nichtern, Year Long Teacher Training Certification with Mindful Schools, MBSR-T and MBSR training, Learning to Breathe Teacher Certification, and Search Inside Yourself Mindful Leadership Training,

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